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As this website is quite comprehensive and I wish to concentrate on one of my other sites, I will only be adding major finds to this site. Updates will therefore be much rarer.

25 December 2017
I've added more of my Bob Boudwin covers to Shuttle SRB Recovery and Other Covers . I don't have covers for STS-27. If anyone has these two covers I would greatly appreciate a scan. I've still got several covers to find.

22 December 2017
I've added some Canaveral Port Authority cacheted covers to Shuttle SRB Recovery and Other Covers .

17 December 2017
I've started a new section of my site: Shuttle SRB Recovery and Other Covers . Note that only the SRB Recovery section has been started and even them, there are a lot more covers to come. I have a couple of dozen on order as wll as finding and putting up the rest of my Bob Boudwin covers. Then I'll move on to the other sections.

15 October 2017
A great month for the specialised collector. First, the USS Ellison cover (see below) and now a Gemini 12 USS Wasp cover. So what you ask! Well, this was a great mission for covers (I should do an article on them). As well as the standard Navy Gemini 12 cachet, the USS Wasp used a Gemini 11 cachet. In addition both black and maroon inks were used and both machine and handcancels exist. This makes a theoretical maximum of 8 combinations in addition to other cachets such as the Beck printed cachet and the ship's very distinctive cachet. Up to know I'd only been able to find 7 of the 8 possible combinations. The missing one was a black Gemini 11 cachet with a hand cancel. Well, I've finally found one of these extremely rare combinations!! I suggest everyone checks their duplicates to see if they have one.
Also added a USS Ticonderoga cover with a Artopages Recovery Ship cachet to Apollo 16.

4 October 2017
For nearly 30 years I've been collecting Recovery Ship covers and, in particular, the wonderful series of USS Ellison covers for Gemini 3. I thought I had found all the combinations of colours that existed for this cover. Wrong! I've just bought a lot on eBay of not one but two covers with a pink Navy cachet, a blue postmark and a blue ship's cachet on the back. Amazing it has taken so long to find this combination! I wonder if there are others yet to be discovered? Please let me know if you find any combination that is not documented on my Gemini 3 USS Ellision page.

20 August 2017
Added a very rare USS Essex QSL verification card with Navy cachet to Apollo 7.

20 August 2017
Added a rare cover from the USS Millinnix to Gemini 3. It has a Navy cachet on ship's stationary!

9 August 2017
Added a Beck B998 cover used as a FDC for the US ASTP stamps to Beck covers. Also plenty of new stamps in Stamps, Minisheets and Other Items.

14 April 2017
Added a wonderful Martin Marietta USS Wasp cover with M.M. cachet, Mission emblem and Navy cachet to Gemini 12. It also has a hand cancel and sold for $133.50!

30 March 2017 - Updated 6 April 2017
Added a cover from the USS W. S. Sims to STS-51L. While I was aware of the involvement of the Sims through correspondence with a crew member, this is the FIRST cover I've seen from the ship. Now a second almost identical cover has be found by Antoni RIGO. Possibly the rarest of the STS-51L covers.

13 March 2017
Added a wonderful USS Wasp cover to Gemini 6A that includes a very well done amusing drawing as well as a Navy cachet and the ship's cachet. Only two produced.

22 February 2017
Added a very unusual cover from the USS Jonus Ingram to Apollo 201. It has a Navy cachet on ship's stationary! First one seen for this mission.




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